5 Best Super-food Powders for Weight Loss

"The rich source of antioxidants is beneficial for fighting inflammation and has impacts on hormonal and metabolic functions, which also helps increase the rate of resting energy burning," 

Acai Powder

"The major type of antioxidant especially EGG (3-gal-late), has anti-inflammatory properties, boosts metabolism, and reduces free radicals from metabolic activities." 


"Clinical studies have shown that it helps reduce fat accumulation and increase the fat-burning rate by influencing enzymes that accelerate the breakdown of fat,"  

Turmeric Powder

Green Super-food—Apple Cinnamon Turnover by A Quality Life is an exceptional super-food powder that supports nutritional requirements and aids in weight loss. 

A Quality Life's Green Super-food

Trumeta is yet another weight loss supplement that is classified as a nutrient powder. 


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