6 Best Low-Calorie Breakfasts for Weight Loss

Merely prepare a small basin, combine a few eggs with desired vegetables (e.g., spinach, peppers, onions, or mushrooms), and transfer the resulting mixture to a saute pan. 

Veggie Omelet

"Protein oats, sometimes called 'pr-oats,' are a high-protein spin on traditional oatmeal," 

Protein Oats

"Greek yogurt is high in protein and low in calories, but make sure to choose an unsweetened or plain variety to avoid extra added sugars,"  

Greek Yogurt with Berries

"Crumb a block of extra-firm tofu into a pan and sprinkle with turmeric, the essential ingredient that imparts a yellow hue to the tofu, in order to prepare a tofu scramble. "Add your preferred vegetables for additional nutrients and fiber,"  

Tofu Scramble

"Using sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes helps to lower the glycemic index, meaning it won't spike your blood sugar,"  

Sweet Potato and Egg Hash

"They're a score with each naturally sweet pancake only being 132 calories with 8 grams of protein," 

Banana Protein Pancakes

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