Kylie Jenner Flaunts Her Toned Six Pack in New Photo

The 26-year-old is seen filming herself in the mirror while wearing a black crop top and black sweatpants on February 12th, with "We Belong Together" by Ritchie Valens playing in the background.  

Twelve individuals wore exercise attire with the caption "Another perfect start to the week @alo."  

13 attributes Kylie is depicted in a form-fitting sports bra as the camera gradually focuses on her defined midriff.  

"This experience has been slightly more difficult for me individually than it was with my daughter." "I simply did not wish to return to life without having said that."  

Kylie revealed that her fitness regimen was bearing fruit a month later, jokingly writing alongside praying hands emojis on Instagram Stories, "My abdominals are finally making an appearance."  

Moreover, the cosmetics mogul is undeniably feeling like herself at the moment. Recently, she debuted a short, bob-like hairstyle in a topless photo.  

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