Kylie Jenner teases exciting debut of her fragrance line

The final image in the photo carousel that was published on Thursday depicted Kylie holding a tester container while a massive blueprint of various sizes and shapes of a bottle resembling a mango appeared in the background.  

Kelli FrAGRANCE was conspicuously printed in a corner of the blueprint, which astute observers promptly identified.  

Additionally, a notepad placed next to the chart paper contained an illustrative entry for a possible release date of March 7, which was handwritten on the front page.  

Following an image of one of Kylie's furry companions, the carousel displayed images of the model in various contexts.  

In 2022, the Kardashians star reportedly submitted a trademark application to obtain the brand name Cosmic for her upcoming fragrance line.  

In conjunction with its signature fragrance and perfume, Cosmic should offer bath products including "body oils, body lotion, body wash, bath and shower gels, bubble bath, and body powders."  

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