1 cup sugar ▢1/2 cup water ▢1/3 cup corn syrup ▢1/4 tsp flavoring Use any flavor, we found apple ▢1/4 tsp food coloring ▢candy eyeballs


Step - 1

Combining molds and rods. Spray and place on a cookie tray. Place in the freezer until the confection is done.  

Combine all ingredients in a pan, excluding the flavoring and color. Preheat to the stage of firm cracking (300 degrees).  

Step - 2

Introduce coloration and flavoring. Regarding two minutes, stir.  

Step - 3

Transfer to molds. Add orbs of candy. Wait ten to fifteen minutes. Eliminate molds  

Step - 4

Adorable green monster suckers with an apple flavor and an eerie appearance. They are effortless to prepare and certain to delight the audience. 

Step - 5

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