26 Vienna Fingers vanilla cookies ▢2 bags white candy coating ▢52 Mini M&Ms


Step - 1

Begin by melting the confectionery coating per the package's instructions.  

Using a fork, dip the cookie into the melted caramel, ensuring that all sides are coated. Prepare and repeat for all biscuits on waxed paper.

Step - 2

Allow caramel coating to harden for at least one hour (in the refrigerator for thirty minutes or on the counter).  

Step - 3

Add additional melted caramel coating to a Ziploc bag. Dollop with a drizzled glaze over biscuits. Utilize miniature M&Ms as pupils. 

Step - 4

Not quite eerie Mummy Cookies are a straightforward, delectable, and adorable Halloween delight. 

Step - 5

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