2 pounds ground turkey ▢⅛ cup seasoned bread crumbs ▢1 egg lightly beaten ▢¼ cup chopped fresh parsley ▢1 teaspoon minced garlic ▢1 tablespoon soy sauce ▢1 teaspoon garlic salt (with parsley flakes) ▢¼ cup ground black pepper


Step - 1

Combine each of the ingredients in a sizable basin.  

Clove the flesh among six individuals. After cooking, each portion will contract into a round patty measuring 6 inches in diameter.  

Step - 2

After forming the patties, create a small depression in the center of each one using the back of a utensil. This will aid in preventing the center of the patties from expanding.  

Step - 3

Preheat the skillet to medium-low and brown the patties on the inside until they reach 165°F. Three to five minutes per side.  

Step - 4

This recipe for lean and succulent turkey patties is flavorful and low in calories. They would be an exquisite complement to your upcoming barbecue. 

Step - 5

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