Three red, green, or yellow chiles Stalk of celery One pound of soft carrots 1 pound florets of broccoli 10 ounces of cherry-colored tomatoes 


Step - 1

Prepare and rinse all vegetables.  

Remove the seeds from a bell pepper. Eliminate the seed covering from the pepper. Scrape the interior of the pepper with a spatula to eliminate the seeds and "white" lining.  

Step - 2

Dip. Sauces or dips made from other vegetables may be utilized to stuff the bell peppers.  

Step - 3

Herbs, or such. For decorative purposes, garnish trays with freshly harvested herbs and seasonings.  

Step - 4

A straightforward vegetarian tray inspired by Game Day is ideal for any event or gathering. Recruit your companions and congregate for delectable fare. 

Step - 5

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